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Mujeres Roca

Noche que susurra, cuerpos de la sal. Sueño de la arena,

ríos sin el mar.

Cantan las ausencias, hilan el telar. Llevan la memoria

bajo el caminar. 


In collaboration with visual artist Matilde Piccoli, and within the frame of the artistic residency La Wayaka Current (Chile).


 Mujeres Roca (Women Rock) brings to life the hidden voices, the ancestral memory of the landscape. When we hold a stone in our hands, we are holding millions of years of history. The landscape is awake, the desert speaks, and it awakes in the shape of women; the silent witnesses.



Transparent body of the stone, dream of silence. Bodies that don’t say, voices dragging. It is, it has always been in their memory. The light of winters, and the sound of lightning, the blood, the history. They gather, slowly, very slowly, everything the earth touches. They restore what’s lost, give back what’s forgotten, in her back the anchored screaming of the centuries. They rise, tonight, to make the moon drift to the other flank. To repeat the cycle. 

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