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According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Mykorhiza is,  
“an intimate association between the hyphae of Fungi and the roots of higher plants. The association is usually of mutual benefit (symbiotic): a delicate balance between host plant  and symbiont results in enhanced nutritional support for each member.”  
Mykorhiza consists of Swedish pianist August Björn, Spanish vocalist Alicia Lázaro Arteaga, and Taiwanese pipa player Fan-Qi Wu. They come from the singular combination of three different musical traditions.  
They draw inspiration from tradition, going back to their roots to transform them into a new sonic world of their own. Through improvisation, they create a breathing ecosystem, an interwoven surface of multiple layers. The result is a unique timbrical landscape, bold and  delicate, brimming with melancholic beauty. Mikorhyza is storytelling, a language with no words; sounding poetry. An interconnected organism; the intentional subtlety of the piano,  the strong, decisive counterpoint of the pipa, and the raw expression of the voice that  connects them.

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