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Once there was no silence

Premiered in Gothenrbug in 2022

We can never know what lies under the surface, not until we dare to pierce it, with our willing or the blunted hands scattered. What awaits behind the borders, what’s been said, and trusted and gained somehow stays. Once there was water. It flowed under and over, it run its secret paths, not to be seen, not made for holding. But as the small daily wonder that was gathered over the centuries with the rites of the sowing and bonfires.

Once there was no silence. A flower, a tree, the shriveling of the spine and its customary corners. If we dare enough to be transparent. Music as movement, a space that can be crossed.
The soil beneath the voices.
If we dare enough to listen we can hear the secret stories of the water.

When entering the concert room is crossing a border towards an unknown encounter. To open a secret door. Words, stories, music, and movement.
Once there was no silence is a multifaceted project based on storytelling.
Reaching beyond the idea of a regular concert, the music is not just a sound but expands into a moving surface. Along with a delicate balance of timbres (trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, violin, double-bass, and two voices), the instrumental part is amplified with live electronics. These are, in turn, controlled by a motion-tracking sensor set up on the ceiling. Making the movement a floating music generator, and creating a dramaturgy that brings the audience inside the music, undetached from experience. 

We are all part of the story, of a never-ending reenactment. Through art, we enter the symbolic land. We chase the elusive contour of the air. 
All the time is always now, and every light
has been a shadow before. 

Once there was no silence
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