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To Walk on Sleeping Water

-I tried to imagine how it would be to attempt to draw a life in between such whiteness.-


Piece for spatial audio and three surround projectors created within the frame of the Immersive Mobile Konsthall (iM Konsthall). Fully funded artistic residency focused on immersive and virtual reality works and developed by Northern Sustainable Futures (NSF).

To walk on sleeping water is the space between what is and still doesn’t exist yet. The imaginary game of looking beneath the surfaces we cannot pierce. A surrounding wall of moving shadows. The voice is the bridge between our small spaces, our human longing, and nature’s solemn vastness.

Shadows are creative. They don’t show the actual objects, the actual shapes, but a playful interpretation. A bending light, a non-existent profile of the angles.

Shadows are never static, they continuously flicker and advance on the walls and the floors, and the in-between states of the straightforward
rooms and tables. They can follow the same trajectory every day, but it will always change in color, in time, in density. Twisted in a different puddle of light.

Time is a space that we don’t see or hear.

An invisible frame.

A silent movement.

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