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And the pool was filled with sunlight

Commissioned by PIPA Ensemble. Premiered in the National Music Hall in Taipei (Taiwan, September 2023)

We are always looking for what we cannot see, chasing a glimmer of light, wishing for a crevasse that allows us to see through the apparent opaqueness of reality. We are always willing to cross the door into a single moment, where magic shows and the ordinary vanishes. And the pool was filled with sunlight, inspired by a verse of T.S.Eliot, turns the intangible present. Light into liquid, sound into matter. The sounds in the electronics come from the pipa, but they belong to that universe of what's reimagined, what didn't exist just a step away from our reach. Metal and wood, the hidden voices under the notes. When the electronics and the ensemble are together, we get a glimpse of both dimensions, what is real and imagined, the invisible and the unveiled. Tradition is also immaterial, but it pervades all the layers of our present. In this way, the ancient voice of the pipa, the Taiwanese folklore, comes through all its sounds, and through the electronics it's reinterpreted, and shifted into a new perspective, becoming part of an encompassing present. And for a moment we might see, then, the pool is empty.

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